When running a restaurant professional, it is essential to have a total concept. The importance of the location, creating the perfect atmosphere, welcoming and attentive service. This, combined with consistent, tasteful, and the right food concept are the keys for a successful business.

We develop new concepts for Food and Beverage projects and provide consulting for excgiving consulting to existing operations.

Business Development

Cdi-Management starts with analysing the business, to check on the current operation situation. The next step is the development of a total long term strategy. We set up digital marketing, E-commerce, a reservation system, a sales team, maintain public relations, customer loyalty programs, revenue management, brand management, competitor analyses and searching for new developments for the expansion of the business.

Food & Beverage Concept Development

Before we start, their must be a full planning. We analyse the market to determine what our market should be and make a complete business plan conform to the budget allocated. We propose this to the owner for discussing and approval. Once approved we executed.

Menu Development

Food and drink menu's are developed according too the agreed concept.

Costing vs Sales

F&B menus are created with the goal to maximise net profit. For that we ensure the perfect balance between quality, costing and profit range.

Operational Systems

Implementation of operational systems like revenue reports, expenses reports, daily food cost registration, hygiene standards, purchasing, stock inventory, spoilage & wastage, efficient working schedules, monthly best sells analyses report.

Human Resources

Our human resources team plays a key role in the search for the most compatible staff. We take care of recruitment, training, development, evaluation, conformity with labour laws and employee rights.

Financial Systems

Every month our professional accounting team makes a complete financial report.